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Works by Leonie Castelino, Peter Hristoff, Janelle Junn

April 22 - June 10, 2017



28 Deveau Rd., North Salem, NY 10560



Sat., May 6th, 1-3 pm.

Seven Veils focuses our attention upon many nuanced and layered ways in which we see the world, through our own perceptions, and through the eyes of others.


Leonie Castelino, Peter Hristoff, and Janelle Junn are all showing new work at The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, created especially for this space, in ways that reflect upon the intention and purpose of their body of work relation to the space, and to the longer view of their creative lives. Layered rice paper in Hristoff’s work, like the layered silks of Castelino’s work, or the transparent strokes of paint in Junn’s paintings suggest elusive thoughts about the passage of time, and our interaction with space, with time, with light and love. Thus, seven veils of movement and of memory are poetically expressed in each of these artists’ work, using different methods to achieve harmonious ends.


Leonie Castelino, a Fiber Artist in Textiles, has been pushing the traditional boundaries of the ancient Korean art form of Bojagi. She transforms the conventional rectilinear with her use of curved architectural lines, experiments with Bojagi seams to create new cloth and spatial dimension. Her works of art are ethereal, diaphanous sculpted forms in organza that float, move and sway.


Anne Rudder refers to Castelino’s Bojagi sculptures as “infusing the space with light and felicitous soft colors…[that] emanated great spirituality in their serene suggestions.” The artist’s work has been exhibited in Korea, China, Europe, USA, and South Africa, and resides in private collections.


Seven Veils: Leonie Castelino, Peter Hristoff, Janelle Junn

April 22-June 10, 2017

Curated by Lisa A. Banner


The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, North Salem, New York

On Verso: Leonie Castelino, Dance in Magenta, 2017,

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