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"A Dream in a Dream in a Dream on Wings"


An Installation

A Call for Action for Girls to be Free

to dream, to fly and achieve their goals

Korea Bojagi Forum

SETEC Convention Center,  Seoul,  South Korea

May 31 - Jun 3, 2018

 A  Dream  in  a  Dream  in  a  Dream  on  Wings

An  Installation 


A Call for Action 



Be Free

Be the Best 


Find your Passion

Discover your Wings and Dance

Accept Adversity as a challenge

Overcome Fear


Fly, Soar high

Explore the Heavens

In many cultures around the world, girls are not wanted, girls are not valued.  Some consider them property, or commodities for sale. China & India have the highest rates of  girls not born, or murdered after they are born.

Girls are denied opportunities for life, education, or careers of their choice in most countries around the world.  Freedom is not a right.  Dreams are trampled on, or crushed.  Culture,  deep tradition or limited education can make life unbearable.


is a Declaration of 21 Women from 11 countries on 4 continents

whose statements reflect their journey to Command their Space in this World.

They span the decades of life experiences from 32 to 80+.

Mostly hand-written these powerful statements  are delicate in appearance. They are recorded and hand stitched on a spiraling Cocoon in white organza.

"If you believe it, you can achieve it"

They believed in their value  

They believed in themselves

Overcame rejection 

Accepted adversity as a gift

Faced challenges and discovered opportunities 

Found freedom through education,  hard work, mentors, ambition and goals 

Rejected Victimhood 

Fought repeated rejection and persevered

Aimed high. Never gave up

Survived hunger and cancer to rejoice in hard work, life and adventure

Contributed to knowledge. Fostered creativity

Positive, positive, positive energy

When there was nothing developed enduring art exhibitions

Funded education and changed the lives of girls in remote mountainous villages

Liked themselves

Overcame prejudice and tradition to pursue passion and nurture creativity in others

Nurtured their daughters to be their best 

Healed broken bones, heartbreak to become a mentor & marathoner

Created successful businesses

Left home and country at 18 to find reality of dreams in a foreign land

"Be truthful"

"I fight the misconception that I am too nice/sweet/pretty to be an attorney one case at a time"

"If you believe it, you can achieve it."

"I found my voice in the classroom, in the boardroom, in every room I inhabit.

My voice is power"

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