Featured in Book, 'Bojagi' by Sara Cook.

(Pg. 31, One of three 20th Century Influences)


Jan 2021

'The Empty City and Caged Bird'

Collaboration with Dustan Osborn

Fiberart Biennale From Lausanne to Beijing

Tsinghua Univ Art Museum

Beijing. China


 July, Aug, Sep, Nov 20

Hammond Museum Online Gallery

N. Salem, NY. USA

Fall Gallery 2020
Feb 5 - Feb 23, 2020

THE GOLD STANDARD of Textile & Fiber Art of TSGNY

Westbeth Gallery

New York, NY. USA

Sep 2019 - Jan 2023 Traveling Exhibition

3D Expression,

SAQA Global Exhibitions



April 2021

Collaboration with Annie Heath,

Performance Artist, NY. USA

Sep 2021

'The Effect of the Pandemic on the Destiny of Humanity'

Hammond Museum, N. Salem, NY. USA

Collaborative Installation: 

Leonie Castelino, Fiberart

Dustan Osborn, Photographer

Irene Osborn, Sculptor

Esmeralda Lyn, Researcher & Writer

Lynette Charters, Painter

Bibiana Huang Matheis, Multi-media 

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