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The Art of Leonie Castelino

An American Fine Artist finds resonance in the artistic movement of Contemporary Bojagi Fiber Art

Leonie Castelino’s art has been pushing the boundaries of the ancient Korean art form of Bojagi.


Traditional Bojagi is a flat cloth to wrap objects of function, treasures or documents. It is created with pieces of fabric - squares, rectangles, triangles - juxtaposed and exquisitely seamed together.


Leonie’s work breaks convention through her use of curved architectural lines, the creation of new cloth with Bojagi seam techniques, the layering of fabric to imply spatial dimension, and the sculpting new forms which float, move and sway.


Her exhibitions have been characterized by the interplay of beauty, energy, and movement complemented with narrative and social commentary; a constant dialogue that explores provocative  issues with new ideas, techniques, and artistic interpretation in hangings, sculptures and installations.

Her art has been featured in international books on art, and recently in Ateliers d'Art cover story 'La Couleur Un Monde À Explorer'.

Her works of art include sculpture and paintings on silk with dye, wax and gold leaf. The ancient Japanese textile arts of Shibori and Rozome resonate.


Leonie’s art has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally in Museums and Galleries in the United States, Europe, South Africa, China, South

Korea and is in private collections.


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